Friday, April 16, 2010

chapter 1 cont.

Kyle continued to look around frantically. He knew he was in a bad position but there was nothing he could have done. His vehicle was at the entrance to the neighborhood, it was just safer that way. It attracted less attention if the raiding party walked around instead of drove. At that moment though, a get away vehicle would have been nice.

Dashing from the right side, a zombie charged Kyle. As fast as he could he pulled the gun and pulled the trigger. The zombie fell hard to the ground but was quickly replaced with two more. Kyle unloaded bullets into the undead's head. They fell but were again replaced with more flesh eaters. Kyle had no other choice but to run and pray that he would be able to escape. Today luck was on Kyle side.

The sound of a rapid firing gun rang throughout the neighborhood. Finally the last Zombie chasing Kyle would finally go to it's final resting place. Kyle skid to a stop on the road, heart pounding heavily in his chest, air intake was fast. There in the middle of the intersection stood a solid muscular black man holding a smoking AK 47. The man had on a tight fitting black wife beater with a thick gold chain dangling from his neck. His shorts were tattered and torn. His combat boots though hadn't seen any combat. They were black polished hard boots, that probably had just come off a shelf. Kyle quickly tried to assesed the situation before making a move.

"Are you Mr T?" Kyle asked quietly.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chapter 1 continued

Kyle watched his fallen friend for a few seconds. It was time to be on the move. All the noise would surely attract unwanted company. It wasn't clear what brain functions the zombies had. Sound, movement, and other very basic functions were clear. The zombies had the speed of two humans, so out running them was pretty much out of the question. One of the few defenses left was to climb. Zombies had a hard time climbing, sure they somehow managed to but it did slow them down. Climbing and bullet to the head were the best ways to live. No really knew why it was hard for zombies to climb. The humans left were probably just grateful that there was an advantage left for them.

Kyle started to slowly back away from Johnie's lifeless body. Kyle spun around when he backed into the wooden gate. His heart pounded in his chest. The driveway and the back patio were all one piece of large concrete only seperated by the small wooden fence and gate. The sun illuminated part of the drive way and warmed Kyle's face as he walked out to the road.

The neighborhood was void of any life or sound. The virus had killed most of the animals on the plant, and what it didn't kill, no one wanted to come across it. Kyle couldn't stop his mind from wondering what this neighborhood had looked like a little over a year ago. Did children play with their pets in the front yard. Did brothers shoot hoops in the driveway. Today only a stray breeze moved across the neighborhood.

Something moved in Kyle's perifial vision, but when he spun around to see nothing was there. Kyle know wished that he hadn't parked at the entrance to the neighborhood. It was going to be a long 7 blocks back to the truck if he continued to see stuff. His guard was up, which didn't help him turn to look at anything that moved. Movement on the left side again. Kyle turned, nothing. Movement again to the right side. Kyle turned, nothing. CRAP echoed in his head.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 1 continued.

Kyle's eyes never wavered from the now stationary object that was no more than 50 feet away. The heart clinching problem was the object was in an area completely void of light. Enough light splashed around the area to show just an outline. If it was Johnie why wasn't he moving. Kyle knew this was the moment to run. The outlined body darted towards Kyle faster than any human could move. Reflexes kicked in, a single shot echoed inside and outside the house. The zombie dropped to the ground about 20 feet away from Kyle. Kyle felt the blood slowly returning to his face. The quietness of the dead outside slowly returned to his ears.

A loud crashing noise revived the dead silence. Johnie flew out of the still shattering window. Close on this heels were two more zombies. Kyle spun around like a pro shooter and unloaded two more bullets into the flesh eating demons. Johnie slowly got to his feet and faced Kyle. Tears already filling his youthful eyes.

Johnie mustered up as much adult strength has he could. "I was bit. I'm sorry, I was trying to be..."

The last single shot echoed as the child fell silent to the ground.
Chapter 1 continued.

"Johnie, man seriously. You have been in there to long." Kyle yelled one last time. Nerves were already hard at work. Kyle had learn in the past year to really trust his nerves. They had saved his life several times. He was hoping this wasn't going to be one of those times.

Cocking the loaded 12 gauge, Kyle lifted the gun and backed away from the back door of the still house. Johnie was a skinny little blonde hair kid that Kyle had meet on one of his food outings a couple of months ago. Johnie's family had long since been turned and he was all alone. Kyle couldn't leave the 14 year old kid out in the wild alone. Plus for such a young age, Johnie has some amazing survival skills. Kyle silently hoped that Johnie's skills hadn't played out and that they hadn't picked a bad house to raid.

The Savage clan started out 24 strong. Through daring outings, it had grown to a solid 30. Mostly family members and a few stragglers. Each of the males took turns going on outings for food, supplies, and to see if any other humans were brave enough to roam around. In the post zombie world, the saying 'strength in numbers' was never more true. Kyle regretted being such a push over when Johnie begged to go with him. The rule was two males per outing.

General rule of thumb was one person goes into a house and one guards the entry way. It was never smart for both members to go in, that is how you become a card carrying member of the zombie nation. Kyle fought off the urge to run even though Johnie wasn't family. In the short time Johnie had been with the family, he had carved a place out for himself. A scream broke through Kyle's thoughts.

"JOHNIE!" Kyle scream. A single gun shot quickly followed with a barely audible thump hitting the ground. Kyle slowly positioned the gun, ready to fire at whatever came out the door next. Movement caught Kyle's attention, he nerves flared and begged him to run. Begged him to leave Johnie behind. Begged him to save himself.

Zombie Times

Chapter 1.

The virus was getting out of control. It was to be the best kept secret the government ever had.

"Johnie lets go!" Kyle yelled from the back door. The house was quite, quite enough to start to spoke Kyle. Life wasn't like it was a year ago for Kyle or any other human. A strange virus had spread over the entire human population in just a matter of days. You were lucky if the virus hadn't turned you into a zombie. Yep, a zombie. No one was really sure how or where the virus started, but once it grew legs it spread like an uncontrollable wild fire. If the virus itself didn't completely change you, the worry of being changed by one of the zombies did. We all know this all works, zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie.

Around the end of the media age, at least that's what some call it, it was reported that 98 percent of the human race had been turned into zombies. Either by the virus or by zombie bite. Of course the Internet was still there, if you had enough power to waste on running a computer. Then there was always the rist of not being able to connect to a server. The 2 percent of humans left are quickly finding out what it was like to live in the stone ages. At times it was depressing looking at all the pretty technology that we couldn't use. The streets were littered with trash and other objects that were hastily left behind. The trash and debris wasn't the bad part about the modern day ghost towns. It was the silence.

"Man, If I have to come in there I will shoot your ass. Then when we get back to camp, I'm just going to tell 'em the zombies got you." Kyle yelled into the dimly lite house.

Once the outbreak started and when things got really bad, Kyle's family returned to their home town. It was a small Texas town, most of the people in the town were zombies. By the grace of God, all of Kyle's family had lived. The three bedroom brick house was now the Savage strong hold. The name of the camp, strong hold, or even death trap changed daily. The house was once filled with love and joy and wonderful family memories. Now they had all been tarnished by the ending of the human race.

My book blog 1

A lot of people don't know this and would probably laugh, but I really like to write. I have been writing a book for over a year know. I recently had a great story pop into my head and decided that instead of trying to write a whole book, I'm going to create a blog and write my story in there.

This is a really big deal for to do because I'm VERY self concious of my writing because my spelling isn't the best. My grammar always needs a little work and I don't always have the best punctuation.

So I'm just going to go for it. I'm putting it out there an hopefully readers will like it and see where this goes. I would like to be published one day, at least one thing I wrote. That might only come true if I take it down to Kinko's and do it myself, but at least it's published.

I hope you enjoy whatever I write. All comments are always welcome.