Monday, April 5, 2010

Chapter 1 continued

Kyle watched his fallen friend for a few seconds. It was time to be on the move. All the noise would surely attract unwanted company. It wasn't clear what brain functions the zombies had. Sound, movement, and other very basic functions were clear. The zombies had the speed of two humans, so out running them was pretty much out of the question. One of the few defenses left was to climb. Zombies had a hard time climbing, sure they somehow managed to but it did slow them down. Climbing and bullet to the head were the best ways to live. No really knew why it was hard for zombies to climb. The humans left were probably just grateful that there was an advantage left for them.

Kyle started to slowly back away from Johnie's lifeless body. Kyle spun around when he backed into the wooden gate. His heart pounded in his chest. The driveway and the back patio were all one piece of large concrete only seperated by the small wooden fence and gate. The sun illuminated part of the drive way and warmed Kyle's face as he walked out to the road.

The neighborhood was void of any life or sound. The virus had killed most of the animals on the plant, and what it didn't kill, no one wanted to come across it. Kyle couldn't stop his mind from wondering what this neighborhood had looked like a little over a year ago. Did children play with their pets in the front yard. Did brothers shoot hoops in the driveway. Today only a stray breeze moved across the neighborhood.

Something moved in Kyle's perifial vision, but when he spun around to see nothing was there. Kyle know wished that he hadn't parked at the entrance to the neighborhood. It was going to be a long 7 blocks back to the truck if he continued to see stuff. His guard was up, which didn't help him turn to look at anything that moved. Movement on the left side again. Kyle turned, nothing. Movement again to the right side. Kyle turned, nothing. CRAP echoed in his head.

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