Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 1 continued.

Kyle's eyes never wavered from the now stationary object that was no more than 50 feet away. The heart clinching problem was the object was in an area completely void of light. Enough light splashed around the area to show just an outline. If it was Johnie why wasn't he moving. Kyle knew this was the moment to run. The outlined body darted towards Kyle faster than any human could move. Reflexes kicked in, a single shot echoed inside and outside the house. The zombie dropped to the ground about 20 feet away from Kyle. Kyle felt the blood slowly returning to his face. The quietness of the dead outside slowly returned to his ears.

A loud crashing noise revived the dead silence. Johnie flew out of the still shattering window. Close on this heels were two more zombies. Kyle spun around like a pro shooter and unloaded two more bullets into the flesh eating demons. Johnie slowly got to his feet and faced Kyle. Tears already filling his youthful eyes.

Johnie mustered up as much adult strength has he could. "I was bit. I'm sorry, I was trying to be..."

The last single shot echoed as the child fell silent to the ground.

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