Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zombie Times

Chapter 1.

The virus was getting out of control. It was to be the best kept secret the government ever had.

"Johnie lets go!" Kyle yelled from the back door. The house was quite, quite enough to start to spoke Kyle. Life wasn't like it was a year ago for Kyle or any other human. A strange virus had spread over the entire human population in just a matter of days. You were lucky if the virus hadn't turned you into a zombie. Yep, a zombie. No one was really sure how or where the virus started, but once it grew legs it spread like an uncontrollable wild fire. If the virus itself didn't completely change you, the worry of being changed by one of the zombies did. We all know this all works, zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie.

Around the end of the media age, at least that's what some call it, it was reported that 98 percent of the human race had been turned into zombies. Either by the virus or by zombie bite. Of course the Internet was still there, if you had enough power to waste on running a computer. Then there was always the rist of not being able to connect to a server. The 2 percent of humans left are quickly finding out what it was like to live in the stone ages. At times it was depressing looking at all the pretty technology that we couldn't use. The streets were littered with trash and other objects that were hastily left behind. The trash and debris wasn't the bad part about the modern day ghost towns. It was the silence.

"Man, If I have to come in there I will shoot your ass. Then when we get back to camp, I'm just going to tell 'em the zombies got you." Kyle yelled into the dimly lite house.

Once the outbreak started and when things got really bad, Kyle's family returned to their home town. It was a small Texas town, most of the people in the town were zombies. By the grace of God, all of Kyle's family had lived. The three bedroom brick house was now the Savage strong hold. The name of the camp, strong hold, or even death trap changed daily. The house was once filled with love and joy and wonderful family memories. Now they had all been tarnished by the ending of the human race.

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