Friday, April 16, 2010

chapter 1 cont.

Kyle continued to look around frantically. He knew he was in a bad position but there was nothing he could have done. His vehicle was at the entrance to the neighborhood, it was just safer that way. It attracted less attention if the raiding party walked around instead of drove. At that moment though, a get away vehicle would have been nice.

Dashing from the right side, a zombie charged Kyle. As fast as he could he pulled the gun and pulled the trigger. The zombie fell hard to the ground but was quickly replaced with two more. Kyle unloaded bullets into the undead's head. They fell but were again replaced with more flesh eaters. Kyle had no other choice but to run and pray that he would be able to escape. Today luck was on Kyle side.

The sound of a rapid firing gun rang throughout the neighborhood. Finally the last Zombie chasing Kyle would finally go to it's final resting place. Kyle skid to a stop on the road, heart pounding heavily in his chest, air intake was fast. There in the middle of the intersection stood a solid muscular black man holding a smoking AK 47. The man had on a tight fitting black wife beater with a thick gold chain dangling from his neck. His shorts were tattered and torn. His combat boots though hadn't seen any combat. They were black polished hard boots, that probably had just come off a shelf. Kyle quickly tried to assesed the situation before making a move.

"Are you Mr T?" Kyle asked quietly.

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